Sworn Translation in Barcelona

Do you need a Sworn Translation in Barcelona?

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Do you need a Sworn Translation in Barcelona?

If you need a Sworn Translation in Barcelona of any official document, CBLingua guarantees the best Official Translation service for all types of legal and technical documents as well as web pages. At our Translation Agency in Barcelona,  located at 168-170 Aribau Street, we have a large team of sworn translators in all languages and authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. At CBLingua we also offer an urgent Sworn Translation service for short documents, which guarantees your Sworn Translation there and then.

“Before taking on a translation we always ensure that it will be carried out by a Sworn Translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will guarantee the full legal validity of the translation.”

Sworn Translators & Interpreters

CBLingua is the best rated translation agency on Google, with more than 300 5-star reviews!

Nowadays. The internet and social media are the most reliable measures for businesses. Clients show their appreciation through social media with ratings and comments, CBLingua is rated 4.9 out of 5 on Facebook, Twitter or Google Maps. We want to continue!

A base de 71 evaluaciones
Clàudia Gas Vallès
Clàudia Gas Vallès
14. Abril, 2021.
Muy profesionales y eficientes!! Muchas gracias =)
A. Kh.
A. Kh.
27. Enero, 2021.
Excelente atención y servicio. Lo recomendó.
César Fernández
César Fernández
12. Enero, 2021.
El preu va ser bo i em van fer les traduccions ràpidament. Quan vaig tenir problemes per poder descarregar-les, m'ho van resoldre el mateix dia. Els recomano.
Lukas Grei
Lukas Grei
30. Diciembre, 2020.
Sehr guter Service und faire Preise! Ging alles problemlos via E-Mail von Deutschland aus. 5/5 Sterne!
Ignacio Molina
Ignacio Molina
21. Diciembre, 2020.
Traduccíon de calidad, muy recomendable. además muy buen servicio al cliente. ¡Muchas gracias!
Mariela Morales
Mariela Morales
16. Diciembre, 2020.
Desde mi experiencia puedo decirles que es una empresa muy confiable, super rápidos y muy atentos a despejar cualquier duda que tengan. Es cierto que con el tema de el teletrabajo nos encontramos en un momento de desconfiar; pero ya os digo que todo es correcto. Muchas gracias por todo y sobretodo la confianza que me dieron al momento de hacer mi pedido.
30. Octubre, 2020.
Súper rápidos y económicos aunque sin duda lo que más me ha gustado ha sido el seguimiento por e-mail, mis dudas resueltas en minutos. Mis dieces, de verdad.
Anastasiia Klunko
Anastasiia Klunko
17. Septiembre, 2020.
Very professional translation services are provided. Great price-quality relation. Translation of academic record was made in 4-5 days. Kind and responsive staff. Highly recommended!

How to request a Sworn Translation Service in Barcelona?

First step

Send us a scanned copy of the document by email. You can also request your quote online, or if you prefer, you can bring the physical copy of your document to our Translation Agency in Barcelona.

Second Step

Once you have accepted the quote we have sent you and the corresponding payment receipt has been received by email, our Sworn Translator will begin working on the Sworn Translation of the document. In Seville it's possible to make a payment in cash and by card.

Third Step

Finally, let us know the delivery method you prefer. Once the translation is finished we will send the Sworn Translation to the address provided or we will let you know so you can pick it up at our office if you wish.


*Visit our Payment and Delivery Options section for more information.

Our Languages

Sworn Translations at the best price and the best quality in Barcelona!

How to get it

Is it possible to get sworn translations that are cheap and of the best quality?

Without a doubt, it’s possible to get sworn translations at optimum price and with the best quality in Barcelona. For that reason, it is essential that we base ourselves on the basic pillars that support a sworn translation. These factors are key to having all of our translations in a good condition.


Digitalisation is the key to our services; it allows us to provide a quick and effective service.

Translation Memories

The use of translation memories is an essential resource, it smoothens the terminology search and eases the documentation work, while providing additional reference material and always guaranteeing optimum service for our clients.

Database Terminology

Database terminology is a key element to obtain the best quality in translations. Thanks to the support of these resources we are able to enrich our translation knowledge.

More than 100 000 projects

Digitalisation is the key to our services; it allows us to provide a quick and effective service.

Our Translation Services in Barcelona

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How to identify a professional translator in Barcelona

Nowadays, there are safe methods that exist that allow us to identify a professional Translator and a trusted Translation Agency.

The most important thing is to look online at the track record of the company, if it’s a recent establishment or if it has a long life online. The ratings made by the users and the number of followers provides us with the details that we specifically need to know before hiring any type of service online from a business.

Sworn Translator Seville belongs to a group of Translation Agencies CBLingua! A national leader in sworn and technical translation with an impeccable track record and more than 17 years of experience. Witnesses are numerous: Facebook and Twitter and Google Maps, demonstrate what we say through the ratings and scores of thousands of grateful users. They don’t lie!

How to find a Sworn Translator in Barcelona

This is the most complicated part, to identify a good Translation Agency in Barcelona, how can I know this information before entrusting a project if I don’t know any Translation Agencies in Barcelona?