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We are a Translation Agency in Barcelona specialised in sworn translation (official translations, accredited translations), scientific translations and technical translations.

Sworn Translator Barcelona belongs to the group CBLingua Traductores Jurados SL. Our Translation Agency in Barcelona is located at calle Aribau 168 – 170. Thus, you can enjoy the many advantages of using a fully trusted Translation Agency in the centre of Barcelona.

Why us? 

  • Our location in the central area of Barcelona means that it is well communicated which makes it easy for you to come and ask for a quote without obligation. Our Translation Agency in Barcelona offers you the possibility of coming to us uninterrupted for your convenience. 
  • As well as placing your order at our office you can also place your order through our website or by email and collect it at our office in Barcelona at no extra cost. If, for any reason, afterwards you cannot collect it in person at our office, we can send it to you anywhere in the world.
  • With a friendly and professional approach, we always translate your documents in the shortest possible time. We also have an express service for urgent cases in German, French, English, and Italian for clients who need their documents almost immediately. 
  • It is important to have the peace of mind that your Translation Agency is accredited and has reliable professionals who are fully qualified and certified by the Ministry and the Generalitat de Barcelona so there are no further problems or delays in the processing of documents.

Agencia de Traducción Barcelona

More reasons to choose us 

  • Our translators are certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and this certification can be checked in the official list of sworn translators of the Office of Languages Interpretation (OIL). This certification is reflected in the translations by the stamp and signature of the sworn translator. 
  • Our work is supported by a large team of sworn translators who can translate from Spanish or Catalan into other languages and vice versa. We provide professional and official translations that are valid for processing formalities with public administration and all kinds of official organisations. Our sworn translations cover the full range of documents that may be required for any administrative process. 
  • We offer you the convenience of having your trusted Translation Agency in Barcelona. This way, you can relax and be sure that your order will be ready on the agreed date with complete accuracy and precision.
  • With our extensive experience in all types of official documentation, we can advise you if you have any doubts and the result will be just what you need. 

Our extensive experience and professionalism are easily verifiable. You can check this through the opinions of our clients through the different social networks and digital media. 

Don’t hesitate, count on us for your translations and you will be fully satisfied.

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