The career opportunities that can be gained from undertaking a translation internship

The career opportunities that can be gained from undertaking a translation internship

Why complete a translation internship in the first place?

Learning to translate, revise and proof-read official documents provides you with valuable skills that you can utilise for the rest of your working life and beyond. For one thing, your grammatical comprehension of a/ several foreign languages will dramatically improve as you’re exposed to complex and formal language at every turn. Completing an internship also teaches you the nuances of translation that rely, in part, on human subjectivity. So don’t worry about automated processes taking your translation job in the near future.

The career opportunities Translation internships also provide you with a whole raft of additional transferrable skills that are favoured by employers. These include; the ability to interact confidently and competently with clients both on the phone and in person, developing a keen attention to detail by spotting discrepancies between the translation and the original and becoming proficient at the Microsoft office and several other platforms to efficiently format, translate and submit documents.

What is Economic Translation and how is this helpful for my career?

Economic translation concerns the translation of financial statements and documents, such as Bank Statements, Insurance policies, Economic and Financial reports, Dividend payments among many other types of documentation. Translation of these documents can help enhance someone’s understanding of financial metrics and how to interpret them, as correct translation requires the translator to have a sound understanding of the concepts which they’re translating.

Take the translation of a dividend voucher for example, that outlines the precise amount of dividend income earned for the holding shareholder of the voucher. This information helps solidify one’s understanding of financial economics and will go far in boosting their employability if the translator wishes to try their hand at finance. From personal experience, I know that in banking and finance interviews, your ability to analyse changes to components of a balance sheet, thoroughly detail the process of several valuation methods and explain the meaning of their underlying financial metrics, are vital skills that often times are the deciding factor in your ability to attain a role. Economic translation is immeasurably helpful in this regard.

My experience at CBlingua

After having spent almost a month with CBlingua, I have been totally immersed in a wide variety of different projects, ranging from Last Will and Testaments to Birth Certificates and Criminal Records. Whilst my exposure to financial documents has been somewhat limited (as these types of documents are rarer), I already feel like I have learnt new concepts, such as the delineation of a family estate’s assets in somebody’s will. Overall, I have enjoyed the placement with CBlingua thus far and I am excited to see what the future holds.

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